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The History of
DaisyBank House.

Take a step through time and discover the fascinating history of DaisyBank House, from its historic building to the notable people it mattered to, find out how it developed over the past couple of centuries.

Nineteenth Century.

Little DaisyBank is the oldest part of the property, now known collectively as DaisyBank House. The smaller property (to the left and set back when looking from Leek Road, dates back to the mid-18th century. The first documented occupant was William Bourne, a surgeon who lived at DaisyBank from 1818 until he died in 1837. William Bourne passed on the house and his practice to his son. John was still living at DaisyBank in 1861, and during his residence, the property underwent numerous alterations. When John died, his sister Sarah moved from the main house into Little DaisyBank, and the larger house was occupied by another surgeon, John W.H. Mackenzie. When Sarah died in 1877, she left a large amount of money to the town to provide medical assistance to the poor, which Dr. Mackenzie subsequently administered.

Twentieth Century.

The Mackenzie family occupied DaisyBank until 1939 when John's son Earnest died. Dr. Earnest Mackenzie was a well-known figure in Cheadle in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He became the town's first motor car owner in 1904, and his chauffeur was responsible for the severe first motor accident when a 16-year old boy was killed in 1914. The following person to occupy DaisyBank was Dr. John Kirkwood, whose family were still present in Cheadle in the 1970s. However, before the property's conversion to a care home in 1989, the owners were the Davies family who also owned the Tudor House along Cheadle High Street. When DaisyBank House was converted into a care home, a number of the alterations were again made to the property, primarily a sizeable two-storey extension at the rear to provide bedroom units.

Twenty-first Century.

DaisyBank remained in occupation as a care home until recently, when it was decided that the accommodation didn't meet modern standards, and the property was put up for sale in 2015. In early 2018, it was purchased by Hewitt&Carr Developments and subsequently renovated into unique office spaces with a thriving community and a stunning countryside right on the doorstep.

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