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Meet The Team.

Our team ensures everything at DaisyBank House runs smoothly. From looking after our tenants, clients and visitors to maintaining the building, our team will be around and happy to assist you.

Liz Slack.

With a personality to match her big smile, Liz loves meeting new people and helping where she can. When Liz isn't in the reception, you will find her showing visitors or making them feel right at home. She is a strong contender for the friendliest person in the whole building.

Andy Goldstraw.

Maintenance Assistant
Andy is a man of many talents at whose sight, broken things tremble with fear. He takes excellent care of the building and you are unlikely to find him where you thought he would be – by that time, he has probably finished a job or two.

Natalie Hewitt.

From operations to marketing, Natalie lends DaisyBank House her experience and creativity as a Director. When away from the business side of things, Natalie focuses on her work as an Architect and Director at Hewitt&Carr Architects, also based at DaisyBank House.

Mark Carr.

With over 30 years of architectural experience, Mark is one of the directors of Hewitt&Carr Developments. You're likely to see him around DaisyBank House as he goes about his day-to-day role as a Senior Architectural Technologist at Hewitt&Carr Architects.

The History of DaisyBank House.

DaisyBank House is full of history. From housing multiple surgeons and the town's first motor car owner throughout the years, to serving as a care home for the town's elderly. Just like its occupiers, DaisyBank House played a crucial role in the history of Cheadle.
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