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November 1, 2022

Another DaisyBank House Success Story

If you’re wondering whether moving from home into a fully serviced office would be good for your business, this testimonial from Tamsin Parker of Legs PR may just help you make up your mind.

We had the chance to ask Tamsin a few questions about her recent move to DaisyBank House Business Centre. You can read her answers below.

Q. What made you decide to move into an office rather than working from home?

A. Myself and my business partner Eleanor had been talking about it for a while before we decided to take the plunge.

We both own our own PR and Marketing companies (Legs PR and Making Marketing Sense respectively) and have a lot of joint clients that we both work with.

We were spending a lot of time on the phone or on Zoom calls talking about work and it just made sense to be in an office together.

I’ve worked with Nat at HCA for a number of years now, so I knew DaisyBank well and that it would be the perfect location and office space for us.

It’s exactly what we were looking for and we absolutely love it!

Q. What benefits have you seen from this?

A. The boundaries between work and home often become blurred when you’re working from home all the time and having an office really helps draw a line in the sand. It means my sitting room is now a room to relax in rather than a makeshift office!

There are far less distractions in a dedicated workspace so I’m more focused. I manage my time better too because I’m not putting the washer on or cooking the tea when I should be working.

It’s definitely helped Eleanor and I – it’s far easier to work on joint client projects together and has made us more focussed on what we want to achieve together in the future.

Q. Has is altered your client’s perspective of your company?

A. Yes, I think it has. It means we can have client meetings in our office, and I am sure we are winning more work with bigger companies because of it.

Q. What’s the reason you’ve decided to take a bigger office e.g., increased work, more staff?

A. We moved into our first office in May and on our business plan we’d originally said we wanted to be in a bigger office by 2023. The office we’d had our eye on became available and it was too good an opportunity to miss.

There’s more space, which means clients can come in and see us which means we no longer need to book a separate meeting room. Our suppliers can also come and work from our office if they want to which makes it much easier when we’re working big projects.

We’ve got big plans to grow and with a bigger office we’ve now got space for our future team members!


A big thanks to Tamsin Parker for those comments ?and we hope everything goes to plan.

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