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December 13, 2022

 A Virtual Office for Small Businesses

What is a virtual office?

A virtual office (VO) is a service that enables businesses to operate remotely while maintaining a physical presence in a particular location without having to pay real-world rent.

There are many features that virtual offices can offer, including a mailing address, a receptionist, phone services, voicemail, printing services, meeting rooms, and co-working desks if you need them.

Who is a virtual office for?

Start-Ups. Get up and running with minimal overheads, no long-term commitment, and a professional image from day one.

Sole traders. Run your business in a convenient way without losing the freedom to work from wherever you are.

Home Workers. Keep working from the comfort of your home and eliminate the drawbacks that come with it.
Freelancers. Take your business to the next level with flexible business support.

Virtual office advantages...

1. You get a real business address.

A business address enables remote businesses to establish a physical presence and enhance their reputation in a targeted area. 

Your address can be used anywhere you need it, including websites and business documents.  You can also use it to receive mail or packages.

2. Build your brand in a new location

By setting up a VO, you can expand your presence pretty much anywhere in the world.

Another bonus is that you don’t  have to pay for all the costs associated with maintaining a physical location (such as rent, utilities, repairs, business insurance, etc.).

3. Enjoy flexible terms

The good virtual office providers bill their clients on a monthly basis. That gives you much better control over your flexibility to opt out whenever you want to.

4. Pay only for what you need.

VO providers typically offer a variety of packaged services. That covers things like a company address, mail acceptance and forwarding, phone answering, and even the scheduling of conference rooms or desk access.

With a virtual office, you’re making sure that you’re only paying for what your company needs now.

5. Set it up quickly and easily

Because everything is done online, establishing a VO is typically quick and simple. And there is essentially no paperwork needed, unlike office space rental.

If you were considering growing your company, you could practically sign up for a virtual office membership right now and have a working address within 48 hours.

6. Decrease your company overheads

Forget about paying rent for a physical office space and all the other expenses that go along with it, such as office leases, hardware expenses, utility bills, and so on.

7. Benefit from autonomy and flexibility

You will have the flexibility to create a schedule that works for you, which is one of the biggest benefits of having a VO. 

8. Increased Security

Your home address is accessible to everyone if you use it as your business address. That leaves you open to unexpected visitors, such as a prospect or an unreasonable client.

The inconvenience of unsolicited visits jeopardises your privacy. Our virtual office packages put you back in control of your privacy and give you the flexible business support you need.

Are you looking for a virtual office in Staffordshire?

If you’re looking to build a business presence in and around Staffordshire at a fraction of what a full-time office would cost you, then open your all-inclusive virtual office with DaisyBank Business Centre.

Access from Birmingham and Manchester is quick and easy, so when you have those drop-in meetings, DaisyBank House is the ideal choice.

You can choose from three different packages:

Basic Virtual Office

Standard Virtual Office 

Premium Virtual Office

Just click on the website link below to see full details

It’s easy to contact us if you have any questions;

T: 01538 787222

E: hello@daisybankhouse.com

W: Click here for full information

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